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Shipping Policy

Products will be shipped within 1-3 days of order.We do not rush in the making of the product and do not rush the packing and shipping.
We hand pour when the orders come in to preserve freshness and pack consciously to ensure your order arrives in good condition

Return & Exchange Policy

Once a product leaves our store, we cannot verify that it has not been contaminated. Therefore, for your safety, we cannot accept returns.

We are a small company working to produce products of the highest quality. We customized every batch of tinctures. From sourcing the best raw materials we can find, to handcrafting and hand pouring each bottle, we strive to produce the most beneficial product. 

We ask that you do extensive research on your own, especially if you have Lyme disease and are wanting to use the set of tinctures to assist with that.


 Make sure you know what aspect each herb addresses (inflammation, cell wall integrity, protecting the heart, liver etc), and if there are pharmaceutical interactions. Are there possible side effects or allergic reactions? 


Check with your physician, and even a naturapathic doctor. Purchase Dr. Stephen Buhner's book, Healing Lyme and research that. Do your research and have a plan before you begin.

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