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Andrographis is an extremely bitter herb. It is sometimes called 'King of Bitters'. It is used widely in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine for a host of diseases including influenza and lung infections. It is used across cultrues to reduce heat (inflammation) and infection...generally microbial.


"Herbs uch as Andrographis can be added at any time during an antibiotic protocol to address inflammation and elevated cytokines (inflammatory compounds) and to reduce the number of antibiotics used, especially if there is gastrointestinal intolerance."


Always check in with your physician to integrate Andrographis with current treatment protocols.


Andrographis paniculata

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  • Concentration: 1:4,  50% Alcohol

    Ingredients: Andrographis leaf & stem, organic alcohol, distilled water, vegetable glycerine.

    Suggested dose: 20 to 30 drops 3 times daily, or as needed based upon your research.

    NOTE: About 1% of people who use Andrographis will get a bad case of hives. This should clear in about a week or so if you discontinue use.

    Caution with pregnancy

  • Due to the nature of the product, we DO NOT accept returns or issue refunds. Please do your own research before ordering.

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