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What Does it Mean to Be Healthy?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

When considering health, one must consider disease. What is the difference?

Imagine a state of homeostasis, of balance maintained without the conscious mind’s involvement. Thousands of, not only human cells, but bacteria, virus, fungi and even some protozoans, comprise the human body. These are our friends and allies. We cannot live without them

Yes, the human bodies we inhabit are part human, part bacteria, part virus and more. For every human gene in your body, there are 360 microbial genes, according to research from the Human Microbiome Project. They are part of our evolution. They extract vitamins, teach our immune systems how to recognize and deal with invaders and much more. But if the balance is disrupted by overuse of antibiotics, excessive cleanliness, stress and more, then a microorganism that would live with us in a benign way can become disease bearing.

The human immune system works well if we are are operating in our prime. But there are microbes that have learned to override our systems and use them against us, especially if our immune systems are compromised…stress, toxins, and more. They are able to:

  • ‘Duplicate’ keys to certain cell locks “receptors” and enter a cell unchallenged

  • Take the cells nutrients for their own use

  • Take over the cells normal operation, stop the infected cells from self destructing and killing them and much more

The more sophisticated organisms in fact run the show. It is a delicate and well orchestrated balance of keeping the person alive but sick enough to produce the environment in which they thrive and reproduce. They are sophisticated enough to quickly develop defenses to the chemicals (antibiotics etc) that we use to attack them.

Microbes and plants have been around thousands of years before humans. They have had many more time to learn to interrelate peacefully with each other. The plants have much to teach us about co-existing peacefully with the microbial world.

There are herbs that protect our cells from invasion, herbs that inhibit the invaders control of our inflammatory processes, herbs that inhibit production of nutritive compounds needed by the invaders, herbs to increase compounds we need to up regulate immune responses, help us excrete toxins, relax our stressful emotions and more.

The herbs we offer here have specific roles to play in stopping the attacks we may encounter from the one more opportunistic microbes.

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